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All fundamental requirements are taken into consideration before creating a new design. The height of the shoe, the seat region, the construction, bond strength within each component, internal length and clearance for the whole footwear are precisely taken care of.

 shoe encyclopedia certificateUpper Material – Leather Natural product with good tear strength, soft and flexible, high wearing comfort, protection against wind and rain,tear resistant, breathable, renewable resource.Leather has the ability to absorb and release perspiration provides a good climate regulation in the shoe.

shoe encyclopedia certificateUpper Material – Non Woven Melted Fabric
High level of performance, soft and comfort, absorb moisture that keep feet cool,dry and comfort. this material provides effective air circulation and air exchange from the inside to the outside. Fabric lining breathes and is especially comfortable on the skin.the ability to absorb and release perspiration provides a good climate regulation in the shoe.

shoe encyclopedia certificateUpper Material – Collar padding
Wrapped rubber foam at the collar or ankle of the shoe provides excellent wearing comfort as well as good stability and firm support.

shoe enclopedia certificateBuckle
Buckles and hooks are used in appropriate design, its ease the action of lacing and unlacing effectively allows the boots to be put on and taken off quickly. 
The boots can however still be laced individually.

shoe encylopedia certificateThermoplastic Counter
This material hold the shape of the counter and it support the ankle in its natural range of motion which protects it against twisting.

shoe encylopedia certificateInsole
The insole is the “spinal column” of shoe, specified thickness is mandatory to provide the connection between the upper and the sole. The non woven 
or flexible insolante insoles used by OSCAR are made from synthetic fabric that provides specific advantages for use as an insole material.high permeability properties that absorb moisture from the feet and it is breathable to provide a comfortable foot climate. Additional properties are: quick drying (virtually overnight).

shoe encylopedia certificateStainless Steel Toe-Cap
Protects toes against impacts of at least 200 joules and pressure loading of at least 15 kN. The fundamental safety protection starts from here.

shoe encylopedia certificateFull-Length of In-sock
The Polyurethane insock which has laminated with a layer of non woven brushing fabric provide good moisture absorption.PU material is particularly strong, 
light-weight, shock absorption and balance during walking. What’s more it is so comfortable.

shoe encyclopedia certificateMid-Sole
It is the foot center support system. The direct injection midsole provide individual adjustment to the foot in motion. this results in an optimal form 
fit between the foot and the shoe, as well as it improves foot movement quality.Pu also provides high impact absorption at all and heel to believe muscles and ligaments.

shoe encyclopedia certificateNon-Marking Outsole
Safety shoes with Rubber outsoles can leave stain on ground and floor surfaces. OSCAR is NBR Rubber which leaves no marking on floor even on electronic company’s clean room.

shoe encyclopedia certificateCut resistance of outsole: The cut resistance defines the outsole’s resistant to sharp objects and particles(e.g. metal and glass). TPU outsole,
nitrile rubber outsoles as well as vulcanised nitrile rubber soles provide a high degree of cut resistance.

shoe encyclopedia certificateType of Outsole Constructions:

1.Direct Injection Outsole ( product range: Supertec, Supertec premium and Titan ) with dual density ie: PU/PU, PU/TPU or PU/NBR.
Melted polyurethane A are directly being injected to the midsole mould
to adhere to the second layer of outsole.
The beauty of melted polyurethane will bond very well to the material it going to adhere to hence ensure perfect
bonding between the 
leather upper and bottom outsole.

2. Stuck on Cementing the outsole ( product range : Multipurpose and Angel ) can also be cemented, in this case, the outsole is prefabricated and securely fastened using the direct cementing method.